Marine Engineering

Marine Geophysical

SONARTRONIC's staff has more than 30 years of international experience in services to the maritime administration and organisation as well as private survey companies world wide.

SONARTRONIC offers different types of engineering,- mostly mechanical and marine electrical marine engineering.

SONARTRONIC offers different types of instrumentation for Geophysical operation from shallow water to full ocean depth.

Bridge & Tunnel

Offshore oil & gas

Offshore Windfarm

SONARTRONIC offers various equipment for Bridge & Tunnel construction, as well as for repair and maintenance tasks.

SONARTRONIC offers different equipment and software for the Offshore Industry.

The range of application is wide and covers all type of offshore tasks from pre-surveys to full out-surveys.

SONARTRONIC offers different equipment and software for Offshore Wind farms.

Pre-dredge application for Gravity foundations and monitoring of Vacuum-pile is supported.

Sediment Profiling

Sub Bottom Profiling

Docking & Piloting

SONARTRONIC offers different high resolution marine sediment imaging instrument, capable of delivering centimeters of marine sediment strata resolution with bottom penetration of up to 100 meters. It is designed exclusively for inshore and coastal geophysical marine survey up to 800 meters of water depth.

SONARTRONIC offers different instruments for Sub Bottom Profiling operation by use of the latest new CHIRP technology, designed for inshore and offshore marine surveys up to full ocean depth. Data can be displayed in various 2D and 3D formats. Penetration as deep as 300 meters into the sea floor. Up to 10 kW output power.

SONARTRONIC offers integrated turnkey systems for Docking & Piloting with latest new technology in Mooring Hooks, Berthing Aids Systems and Marine Piloting Systems. dedicated to Oil and Containerized Cargo Terminals.




SONARTRONIC offers NORBIT SUBSEA's Compact High-Resolution Forward Looking Sonar designed specifically for use on moving platforms. Norbit’s wideband multi beam technology allows long range real-time image updates, whilst simultaneously achieving high range resolution. 4.000 meter depth rating optional.

Applications for obstacle avoidance, search and recovery and leak detection.

Towed Sonar is also a part of our defence program.

SONARTRONIC offers measuring equipments from the world leading manufactures to full ocean depth of 12.000 meters.

With thanks to SyQwest's 30 years of Oceanographic R&D and Airmar's well-known low frequency transducers, - The Philippine Trench as well as The Mariana Trench can easily be reached.

Our clients are governmental institutions, universities, research institutes and Naval Oceanography.

SONARTRONIC offers different equipment and software for the Dredging Industry.

No matter which Dredger you may have, - Bucker, Cutter, Clamshell, Excavator, Hopper, - we support all types.

Dredge guidance and monitoring system is a part of the complete Turnkey system including robust sensors designed for the dredge and construction environment.